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Certainteed Landmark Pro

We install Certainteed Landmark Pro Shingles on all our roofs. Certainteed is known as the best shingle manufaturer in the business.

Resisto Brand 

We use Resisto Brand ice and water products for our water proofing membrane. On all the eaves, valleys, and low pitched roofs.

Certainteed Shadow HPR

We use Certainteed Shadow HPR Shingles on all hips and ridges.

Oversized Drip Edge

Oversized drip edge is used on entire perimeter.

Synthetic Underlayment

We cover the entire roof with Synthetic Underlayment. It will not rot, buckle, or crack. Where as traditional tar felt paper draws moisture from the shingles and tar and bleeds on the wood deck.

Certainteed Swift Start

Swift Start by Certainteed is used as a starter shingle. This is used to seal with the field shingle to prevent wind and water from getting beneath the shingle.

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